About the journal

“Problems of modern education” (“Problemy sovremennogo obrazovaniya”) – a web publishing – is a Russian national multidisciplinary journal, integrated into the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). The journal ensures the up-to-date distribution of the results of the latest theoretical and practice-oriented research in Education, Philosophy, Pedagogics and Psychology, as well as the arrangement of disputing and discussing problems of development of the national science and education.

The journal was established in 2009 on basis of Ushinsky Scientific pedagogical library. Moscow Pedagogical State University (MSPU) has been editing and distributing the journal since October, 2015.

ISSN 2218-8711

The journal founder – Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Moscow Pedagogical State University”.

Editor in chief – M. V. Boguslavsky, ScD in Education, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education, Chief Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Comparative Education and History of Pedagogy at the Institute for Strategy of Education Development, Senior Research Fellow at the Educational Scientific Center of Priority Researches and Problems of Preparation of Teaching Staff, Moscow Pedagogical State University (MSPU)


The message of the journal includes:


  • publishing quality articles on the problems of Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology and developing education on all the levels;
  • practicing communication in the professional community, the members of which major in Philosophy, Pedagogical and Psychological sciences as well as in the sphere of education;
  • ensuring a broad social and pedagogical discussion of the most topical problems of science and education;
  • supporting innovative initiatives in the sphere of educational policy, theory and practice of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology.


Journal headings:


  • Educational Philosophy
  • From the History of Philosophic Thought
  • Philosophy of Art
  • Philosophy and science
  • Philosophy in public space
  • Critical thinking: logic and reasoning
  • History of Psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Cultural-Historical Psychology
  • Personality development
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Psychological Anthropology
  • Modernization of Education
  • History of Pedagogy and Education
  • Modern Education Theory
  • New Research in Education
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Young Scientists' Vision
  • Scientific Life


Research area of the editorial in the fields of study: 

  • Philosophical sciences (09.00.01; 09.00.03; 09.00.08; 09.00.11) - Philosophy (5.7.1; 5.7.2; 5.7.6; 5.7.7)
  • Pedagogical sciences (13.00.01; 13.00.02; 13.00.08) - Pedagogics (5.8.1; 5.8.2; 5.8.7)
  • Psychological sciences (19.00.01; 19.00.03; 19.00.04; 19.00.05; 19.00.07) - Psychology (5.3.1; 5.3.3; 5.3.4; 5.3.5; 5.3.6 - re-registration)


The target audience of the journal is: the specialists in the fields of study mentioned above from Russia and abroad; teachers, research fellows, those who are doing their Doctor’s, Post-graduate or Master’s degree in Moscow Pedagogical State University (MSPU) as well as Russian and foreign scientific, research and educational institutions and organizations.

The subject matter of the editorial: the journal is humanitarian inter-disciplinary, and publishes articles on philosophical, psychological and pedagogical issues, it also accounts a wide variety of research in the Russian and foreign education.

Major Sections

Journal comes out 6 times a year.

Office address: 119571 Moscow, Vernadskogo avenue, 88, office 446.

Phone number: +7(499)730-38-63.

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