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№ 4-2016





 Philosophic Sciences 09.00.00 
From the History of Philosophic Thought            

Sergey Rubinstein as Reader of Hegel’s “Phenomenology of Spirit”

Dmitrieva N. A.

The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the reception of G. W. F. Hegel’s philosophical ideas by the wellknown Russian psychologist and philosopher Sergey Rubinstein. The article focuses on Rubinstein’s comprehension and criticism of
the one of most important works in Hegel’s system, “Phenomenology of Spirit” (1807). It
is shown that Rubinstein’s criticism of Hegel concerned three main moments. Firstly,
Rubinstein reconsiders Hegel’s critique of Kant’s method of external judgments und his
justification of the identity of being and thinking; secondly, Rubinstein analyzes Hegel’ concepts of “appearance”, “sensible given”, and “sensible reliability” and offers the approach
which is adjusted with the basic statements of his own conception; thirdly, Rubinstein
comprehends Hegel’s solution of the problem of self-consciousness with the relevance tо  the generic issue of man and suggests his own solution. The philosophical interpretation of these moments was very important for the formulation of Rubinstein’s own conception of a human being and his existence.


Sergey Rubinstein, philosophical reception, G. W. F. Hegel, “Phenomenology of Spirit”, sensible given, self-consciousness, human being.

Educational Philosophy


Philosophy of Teaching or Some Thoughts on the Axiological Grounds of Teaching 

Zykova M. N., Shneyder L. B.

The articles deals with the types of teaching based on different axiological grounds as well as the hierarchical dynamic model of these grounds. The discourse also covers the axiological basis of the images of labor and of an individual in the traditional culture.


teaching activities, teacher, student, values, image.


Religious Studies in the System of Contemporary Teacher Training Education 

Mikhaylova L. B.

The article studies the problem of formation of religious competence in public higher teacher-training education. In today’s multiconfessional society the religious study approach should be given the priority over the theological approach in religion study. The paper formulates methodological grounds for a basic religious studies course: principles of systematic and representative approach, objectiveness, ideological and religious neutrality.


religious studies, theology, comparative theology, secular education, teacher’s competence in religious studies, tolerance, postsecularism. 

Philosophy of Art

The Philosophy of the Art of Acmeism

Zanegina A. A.

 The article is devoted to the philosophical and aesthetic phenomenon, which Nikolay Gumilev called eidolology (from Greek “eidolon”, that means “picture”). Eidolology is the image-making sphere and ontological principle of Acmeism. This article is focused on the specific features of the image-eidolon that in achmeism is the only true image to create a piece of fiction. In this research peculiarities of interaction of eidolology with other important components of poetics of Acmeism (rhythm, style and composition) are defined. Versions of an image in Acmeism and Symbolism are also compared. 


philosophy, Acmeism, Symbolism, eidolology, image. 


 Psychological Sciences 19.00.00 
Educational Psychology

The Question of Motivation and Thinking in the Russian Psychological Science

Gavrilova O. Y.

 The article provides the analysis of the viewpoints on the study of thinking and motivation in the Russian psychology in their relationship. It is shown that in the domestic psychological science the idea of the relationship of motivation and thinking in a multi-task situation has established: motivation is a necessary condition of mental activity, and the activity is polymotivated.


motivation, thinking, thinking as problem solving. 

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The Study of Personal Meaning of Extreme Professions Specialists

Kazennaya E. V.

 The article presents an analysis of the current state of the problem of personal meaning in the psychological science, as well as the urgency and the need for research on the characteristics of the personal meaning of specialists of extreme professions in order to create effective programs of psychological support and assistance for this category of professionals. The article focuses on distinguishing between the concepts of value and personal meaning and reveals the problem of personal sense in Dmitry Leontiev’s classification of mental transformation.


personal meaning, a person in an extreme profession, semantic sphere of personality, types of mental image transformations.

P. 64-73

Experimental Determination Of Psychological Makers of the Indication of the Primary School Age Subjects’ Addiction to Computer Games

Rakhimova I. I.

The given article describes the study on the indication of the phenomenon of the addiction to computer games on the basis of the designed concepts. Psychological makers of the indication of the primary school age subjects’ addiction to computer games are determined by experiment as well.


computer game, addiction, younger school age, social status, motivation. 

P. 74-79
 Pedagogical Sciences 13.00.00 
Modernization of Education  

Comparative Analysis of Learning Objectives in Educational

Vachkov I. V.

The study conducted in 37 educational institutions from 11 regions of the Russian Federation, has allowed to identify five major groups of learning objectives in order of frequency of occurrence: the highest educational achievement, the relevance to the objectives of the new
Federal State Standard, the development of personality, increasing the level of culture,
development of design and research skills.


learning objectives, educational organization, an increased level of education, personality development, culture, design. 

P. 80-86

System of Preparation of Academic Stuff in Germany

Pisareva L. I.

The article describes the system of preparation of academic stuff in Germany, its organization, the admission terms for postgraduate programs, forms of work on the thesis and the procedure of doctoral thesis defense.


education, research, instruction, higher education institutions, universities, scientific centers, organization, types of preparation.

P. 87-100
History of Pedagogy and Education

Preparation of the Secondary Education Reform by the Minister of Public Education P. N. Ignatyev. 1915–1916

Shevchenko V. A.

The article describes the preparation of the project of the education system transformation in the Russian Empire in 1915–1916. The author focuses on presenting the course and the content of the discussion concerning transformation of school at the meeting on the secondary education reform as well as the function of the subject commissions.


 school, reform, P. N. Ignatyev, discussion, meeting, subject commissions.


P. 101-121

Issues about the education quality assuarence in the process of the professional development of teaching stuff

Yuldashev M. A.

The article deals with the assessment of the development of polytechnic education in prewar and postwar years. The scientific and moral-ethic qualities of the generation of scientists who were front-line soldiers are characterized. M. N. Skatkin’s, an outstanding scientist, veteran and academician, scientific and educational activity is demonstrated.


Great Patriotic War, scientists – veterans of the War, M. N. Skatkin, patriotic education, polytechnic education.

P. 122-133
New Research in Education

“Citizenship” and “Religious Education” in the System of Secondary Education of Great Britain

Muraenko E. D.

In the article on the comparative pedagogical studies there is a short analysis of the core subjects of the social and humanitarian module taught in secondary schools of Great
Britain – citizenship and religious education. The author characterizes the content of these
subjects and compares them with the social studies subject taught in Russian schools. The
peculiarities of their syllabus are reviewed. The article reveals that these subjects perform, first of all, the upbringing function, and one can judge about the worldview system the British students develop due to the content of citizenship and religious education.


comparative pedagogy, social studies subject, citizenship education, British educational system, religious education.

P. 134-139
 Innovative Technologies in Education

Is an Educational Technology to Teach Art to Schoolchildren Possible?.

Aliyev Ju. B.

 The author analyzes the possibilities of using educational technology in the artistic education of pupils.


art education, pupils, educational technology, possibilities of educational technology for artistic development of schoolchildren.

P. 140-148

The Importance of Monitoring for the Identification of the Needs of a Teacher’s Professional Competency Enhancing in the Process of Pedagogic Activities

Askarov A. D.

 This article deals with the problem of identifying the needs for the professional development of teachers on the basis of the results of the educational process analysis and the study of teachers’ professional activities via monitoring. The opportunities for independent and traditional Professional training are highlighted, the skills levels of teachers groups who are developing their professional competency are revealed, the generalizing chart showing the arrangement of the the process of professional development of teachers on the basis of traditional and distance learning is given as well. 


an analysis of the educational process, monitoring of professional activity of a teacher, the need for the professional training, professional skills level, differentiation, indication of the skills levels of teachers, form of the professional development.

P. 149-157
Young Scientists ’ Vision

The Interactive Technologies Background 

Sadykov T. M.

 This article described a detailed development of interactive and innovative teaching methods that optimize the learning process, improve the quality and contribute to the integration of theory and practice. Introducing interactive and innovative teaching methods, the author suggests ways of solving these problems, gives a brief analysis of each method and recommendations for their use.


history, development, interactive and innovative methods.

P. 158-161
Scientific Life

A Teacher and Their Genesis: Historical Background to Education and Culture Imparting

Boguslavsky M. V.

The submitted article centers on the scientific and organization results of the International research and practice conference – ХХХ I Session of the Scientific Council on the problems about education and the pedagogical science of the Department of Philosophy of education and Theoretical Pedagogy of the Russian Academy of Education “A Teacher and their Genesis: Historical Background to Education and Culture Imparting” that took place on June, 6–7, 2016,
on the premises of Tver State University.


history of Pedagogy and education, pedagogical education, educational axiology.

P. 162-166

Anniversary Festival in the Land of Childhood

Zimenkova F. N.

This article is devoted to the observance of the 20th anniversary of the Festival of Visual Arts, which took place in the ICC “Orlenok”, Krasnodar Krai. This is the only Festival in our country where all kinds of Visual Arts are promoted, which the children having a holiday in the camp
are getting acquainted with. This is a very important event for both, the campers and the whole “Orlenok” that eagerly awaits it each year. The children here are actively involved in the creative process: they shoot films, discuss new movies, participate in various competitions, learn new computer technologies and secrets of the photographic art, under the guidance of adults they work as full jury members in all the six categories that always are a success with the children. The main nominations of the Festival are the “Cinema”, “Animation cinema”, “Television”, “Directors of the XXI century”, “Photo-marathon” and the “Proud profession of mine” nomination. Children don’t just learn those arts, but also actively participate in all activities. This article describes the good traditions of the Festival, creative meetings, master classes, round tables, sport events. The new nomination, organized this year, – “Proud profession of mine” – was especially interesting and useful for the children, where children took a direct part in a career-oriented activity creating videos about a chosen job.


Visual Arts types, animation, photomarathon, nomination, television, cinema, contests, creativity, vocational guidance.

P. 167-180