The reference list of M.V. Boguslavsky’s pedagogical works.


Head of the Laboratory of History of Pedagogics and Education of the Institute for Strategy of Education Development of the Russian Academy of Education, the Senior Research Fellow at the Educational scientific center of priority researches and problems of preparation of teaching staff, Moscow State University of Education (MSPU). Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education, ScD in Education, professor.

An acknowledged scientist in the sphere of methodology, theory and history of Pedagogy and Education. His works holistically cover the global history-pedagogical process and the process of the development of the domestic Russian pedagogical science and education; shape modern methodological applications to the History of Pedagogics Theory as an acute cultural and educational factor in solving modern problems of education.

He has significantly contributed to the scientific and methodological support of the training process in the system of Higher Vocational and Post-graduate Pedagogical Education.

The collective body headed by M.V. Boguslavsky has prepared the basic textbook “History of Pedagogy” for the system of postgraduate vocational education with a degree in “History and Philosophy of science” (2007). He is the author of the “XX century of the Russian education” textbook (2012).

He has prepared and published a cycle of corpora and selected works of the outstanding pedagogic thinkers’ of the past for the University professors and students. He has created a corpus of works of the Russian educators’ of the XX century “Golden pages of Russian Methodology” (2010). The “Book for the history teacher: conceptual and methodological recommendations” (2001, co-authored).

Chairman of the Scientific Council on the problems of history of education and pedagogical science of the Philosophy of education and Theoretical Pedagogy Department, Russian Academy of Education; deputy chairperson of the Bureau of the Philosophy of education and Theoretical Pedagogy Department, Russian Academy of Education; member of the Expert Board on the Russian Academy of Education innovation-based platforms work and the Russian Academy of Education History Teaching Council; chairperson of the Executive Board of the D.I. Mendeleev Heritage charitable foundation; President of the Civic academy of creative pedagogy; Vice-president of the Russian A.S. Makarenko Association.

M.V. Boguslavsky is the editor in chief of the “Problems of modern education” (“Problemy sovremennogo obrazovanija”) and “Humanities research in Central Russia” (“Gumanitarnye issledovanija Central'noj Rossii”) journals; he is also an editorial board member of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles listed journals “Pedagogics” (“Pedagogika”) and “Russian and foreign pedagogy” (“Otechestvennaja i zarubezhnaja pedagogika”); a member of the editorial councils of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles listed journals “The Bryansk State University Herald” (“Vestnik Brjanskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta im.Petrovskogo”), “Psychological and pedagogical search” (“Psihologo-pedagogicheskij poisk”) (Rjazan'), «The Humanities and Education» (“Gumanitarnye Nauki i Obrazovanie”) (Saransk).

M.V. Boguslavsky is awarded with the Ushinskij medal – for meritorious service in pedagogical sciences (2005), Russian Academy of Education gold medal – for the academic achievements (2014), Skatkin medal – for the merits in the Pedagogics development (2015), a “For the merits in the development of Pedagogics background” medal (2016), Russian Academy of Education  Certificate of appreciation – for great merits in development of the research in the sphere of history of the pedagogical science and  education (2010). He is awarded a Culture and Press Minister of the Russian Federation Certificate of appreciation (2008) for his multi-year productive work in the sphere of preservation of the cultural heritage of Russia; he is honored the State Duma Committee on Education acknowledgement for his significant contribution to development of education (2009).

M.V. Boguslavsky is honored with the Moscow Region Governor’s “Appreciate” Badge for his great contribution to the development of education (2010), entitled as the laureate of the “Moscow Grant” contest in the field of science and technology in the sphere of education for developing innovation-based processes and technologies in education (2006).

He is awarded the Mendeleev medal for his great educational outreach activity (2008) and the Lomonosov medal for a significant contribution to the patriotic upbringing of the Youth. He is honored with the “Knight of humane pedagogy” Golden Mark by the Russian Social Organization «The Centre of  Humanitarian Pedagogics».

Married, with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

M.V. Boguslavsky has 257 scientific works published in the periodicals that are indexed in the information analysis system of the scientific citation RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index), whose citation is – 1942, Hirsch index – 17.